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Generate up to 5000 Coins in Zombs Royale ( with this Coin Generator. This coin generator works for the iOS, Web, and Android version of

The generator limit is 5000 coins per use. However, you can use the generator an unlimited amount of times.


Hide, loot and shoot your way to victory in Zombs Royale. Join 100 players in end to end Battle Royale action! Inspired by PUBG & Fortnite, experience intense last man standing action right in your browser or on your phone in!



  1. Ben says:

    Hello this is a great app

  2. Ben says:

    This is a good genarater

  3. Jefftheboy says:

    This is a good generator

  4. Ben dever says:

    Good app do it again

  5. Loller says:

    lol cant believe this ones still working 🙂

  6. Pierce Davis says:

    This is the only working one for ZombsRoyal I’ve been able to find

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