EA Just Turned ‘Skate 3’ Servers Back On In Time For E3

When a developer or publisher ends a game’s online service, it usually indicated that game is in the twilight years of its life and being phased out. For some games it’s the final blow. However, it looks like EA’s Skate 3 might be an exception to that rule. Many sources are reporting that the game’s servers have been resurrected inexplicably– just in time for E3.

With the servers back up EA has brought back community parks, photo and video galleries, team lobbies, player profiles and more.

Skate 3 is the third iteration of the extreme sports franchise that first launched in 2010. EA claimed falling player numbers when they cut out certain online features in 2013. Eventually, EA pulled all the servers down in 2016.

What Does This Mean For The Skate Franchise?

The reasons behind EA’s apparent decision to revive the Skate 3 servers have yet to be explained. But doing so just before gaming’s biggest annual expo will definitely raise a few eyebrows. Is EA implying that a Skate 3 remaster or even… wait for it… a Skate 4 announcement is on the table? If Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are anything to go by, surprise sequels aren’t necessarily out of the question.


  1. Skateman says:

    SKATE 4!

    Don’t fuck this up EA!

    Who am I kidding?

  2. Edison Behun says:

    Great info in this post. I’ll get into doing a lot more of some of this. Thanks for the info.

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