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With the new release of our Dragon Ball Legends FREE Chrono Crystals Generator, you will see just how easy is to generate up to 99,999 Chrono Crystals in DB Legends in just a few moments, completely FREE. This online Dragon Ball Legends tool is compatible with Android and iOS versions. Use the link below to go straight to our DB Legends Cheats Generator and get your FREE Chrono Crystals!


>>Generate Chrono Crystals<<


The game’s easy controls and a unique card action system guarantees fireworks and allows you to display you’re your favorite characters’ extreme fight moves. Graphically, DB Legends is a stunner! It’s like watching the animated movie, only that you will have complete control over your fighters. There are lots and lots of characters to collect but most require the use of Chrono Chrystals–that’s where our generator comes in.

In Dragon Ball Legends, you use Chrono Crystals to summon characters. You can use 20 crystals to summon a single character or 1000 crystals to summon 10 times. The 20-crystal summon can be used only once per day. You can summon more characters on the same day, but you will have to spend 100 crystals. This can add up quickly, so when you run out, you can always come back and generate more crystals with out DB Legends Cheats Tool.

To acquire characters, tap “Menu” and then tap the “Summon” button. There will be special events that will let you get rare characters. For example under the “Event” tab, in the “Legends Rising” event, there are high chances of getting an “Extreme” or “Sparkling” character. So keep an eye on such events and summon characters before the deadline. Use our generator to get your FREE Chrono Crystals now!

>>Generate Chrono Crystals<<

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