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Generate Coins and Shards for Anthem

Tired of grinding your way through Anthem to get coins and shards, our newest generator has been updated and is now completely working on all platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, and Windows!

In Anthem, there are two types of currency available: coins and shards. The former is the currency that you earn in-game by completing missions, whereas the latter serves as the game’s version of microtransactions.

But nobody likes microtransactions, so get yours for free now!

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Some purchases in Anthem can be super expensive, with some suits costing more than 60,000 coins. To put this into perspective, you can expect to earn about 2,000 coins for completing a world event in Freeplay, and slightly more for completing missions as part of the game’s main campaign. So saving up for these upper tier suits can be quite an ordeal!

But now you can get coins and shards for FREE with our new tool!

>>Generate Coins & Shards<<

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